JavaScript API Changelog

v. 0.70.2

Released on 16 Jul 2021

Fixed a bug that could have caused the widget to incorrectly highlight a link to a subdomain.

v. 0.70.1

Released on 21 Jun 2021

Fixed a bug that could have caused the widget to show an old message notification bubble when the page gained the visibility.

v. 0.70.0

Released on 17 Jun 2021

Added messageDurationValue and messageDurationUnit to the Parameters subject. These reflect those configured in the “Message duration” setting of the Dashboard.

Introduced Polish translation for the widget.

The URLs found in the chat, are now rendered as link even if they point to pages of subdomains of your site.

v. 0.60.2

Released on 01 Jun 2021

Bug fix.

v. 0.60.1

Released on 04 May 2021

Stats bug fix.

v. 0.60.0

Released on 03 May 2021

Introduced the new AUTHORIZATION subject to deal with the site authorization.

The widget fully support this new subject and adapt itself to the authorization settings.

v. 0.50.1

Released on 10 Mar 2021

Fixed a bug that could have caused the widget to not load correctly the chat when the container parameter is configured but the corresponding element is not present into the DOM.

v. 0.50.0

Released on 10 Mar 2021

Introduced the possibility to reply to a message of the pagechat. To do this, the API method now takes an options parameter with the id of the message to reply to.

Introduced the new now4real.deleteMessage API method to delete a message of the pagechat.

The widget implements these new features.

v. 0.46.0

Released on 15 Feb 2021

The URLs found in the chat, which point to pages of the site, are now rendered as links.

v. 0.45.0

Released on 03 Feb 2021

The pages of the sites embedded on a domain are now automatically considered as they were on their original domain.

v. 0.44.0

Released on 01 Feb 2021

Bandwidth optimization.

v. 0.43.2

Released on 12 Jan 2021

Disabled the appearance of the chat invitation bubble above the closed widget.

v. 0.43.1

Released on 23 Dec 2020

Disabled the widget chat input area autofocus when embedded in a webpage through the container parameter.

v. 0.43.0

Released on 22 Dec 2020

The color_1 and color_2 properties of the widget parameter within the now4real.config object are now deprecated in favor, respectively, of color_external_background and color_external_text.

Added the color_internal_background and color_internal_text properties to customize the colors of the open widget too.

Now4real now can be configured to blend seamlessly with the look and feel of your site.

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