How It Works

It’s simple and it simply works

When you browse the web, imagine being able to see if there are other people, somewhere in the world, viewing your same page at the same time. Then, you fire up a real-time group chat with them. This is Now4real and you can have it on your site now.


You add Now4real to your site

You can add Now4real to your website either via the ready-made Now4real widget or by creating your own visual components following the Now4real API.

Adding the Now4real widget requires no coding and is ridiculously easy, for real. On the other hand, by using the Now4real API, you get full control over the UI/UX of the Now4real experience.

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Your site’s visitors can chat together

Users of your site can chat with one another through public group chats. You get a dedicated chat room for each page of your website, called a pagechat. Or, if you prefer, you can get a single chat room shared among all the pages of your site.

Users will sign in via social login to be able to post messages. Messages are ephemeral and vanish after 30 minutes by default, to help keep context. You can even enable automatic content filtering to keep the conversation clean.


They discover the most popular pages

Users will see simple real-time analytics, such as how many other people are currently viewing the same page at that moment (watch a quick demo).

They can see real-time rankings of the most popular pages of your site. They can jump to a page with most chatters with a tap and immediately get part of that instant community.

And they get a world map showing people’s current country.


You get access to innovative analytics

You can register your website on the Publisher Dashboard and get access to additional, GDPR-compliant data, upgrade to premium features, and more.

Through the Dashboard, you can see the transcripts of all the chats that happened on your website. And you can watch both real-time and historical analytics. These include a few innovative metrics that you don’t find in traditional analytics, like the cumulative viewing time and the history of concurrent viewers and chatters.

Remember that Now4real counts visits only for the time a page is actually displayed in the foreground and is much probably in front of the visitor’s very eyes.

Add Now4real to your site now

It's easy. It's free.

Enable your visitors to chat with each other. Let them find out the most popular pages.
Spark up instant communities on your website!

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