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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viewing Time?

Viewing Time measures the total duration that your website’s pages are actively visible to users in a given month. We only count the time when a page is in the foreground—when it moves to the background or is minimized, the timer stops. This ensures that the Viewing Time accurately reflects when your site is actively being viewed, not just left open in a tab.

Importantly, only the pages where the Now4real script is inserted will count towards the Viewing Time.

For example, if your site logs 2,000 Viewing Hours in one month, it means it was actively in view for that duration. This could happen in several ways:

  • 24,000 users each viewed your site for 5 minutes, adding up to 2,000 hours.
  • 1,381 users each viewed your site for 20 minutes weekly, resulting in 2,000 hours over the month.
  • 66 users each viewed your site for an hour daily, totaling 2,000 hours.

Thus, 2,000 Viewing Hours signifies 2,000 hours of genuine human engagement with your website, not just passive tab presence.

Does the Free Plan require any registration?

No, activating Now4real on your site is as simple as adding our script to your pages—no registration required! It starts working immediately. However, you might consider creating a free account on the Publisher Dashboard to unlock additional features, such as historical analytics and more, to enhance your experience.

How does the Premium Plan work?

You can upgrade from the Free Plan to the Premium Plan at any time to access premium features and more Viewing Time. Simply sign up or sign in to the Publisher Dashboard, add your sites, and select the Premium upgrade.

Pricing Structure:

  • The Premium Plan costs $15 USD per month, paid upfront. This fee includes 3,000 hours of Viewing Time.
  • If your Viewing Time exceeds 3,000 hours in a month, the overage is billed at $3 per additional block of 1,000 hours.


  • You subscribe to the Premium Plan on February 14th and pay the $15 monthly fee.
  • By March 14th, your site uses 4,163 Viewing Hours.
  • The overage is 1,163 hours, rounded up to 2 blocks (2,000 hours), costing an additional $6.
  • Your total charge on March 14th is $21 ($15 for the next month + $6 for the past month’s overage).

In the Dashboard, you can set a maximum limit for the monthly variable fee. If this limit is reached, Now4real services will be paused until the beginning of the next month.

Upgrade now for more features and flexibility—it’s easy and quick!

Why upgrade to the Business Plan?

The Business Plan is tailored to meet the demands of websites looking for advanced customization and control.

  • Extended Viewing Time: Benefit from a significant increase in Viewing Time compared to the Premium Plan. This enhancement is essential for websites with high engagement, ensuring that your community’s interactions remain uninterrupted by time constraints.
  • White Label: With our White Label option, your users will only need to agree to your terms of service and privacy policy, not ours. This feature allows for a seamless integration of Now4real into your brand’s legal and privacy frameworks, maintaining a consistent user experience. Learn more.
  • Custom authentication and authorization: Gain complete control with custom authentication and authorization settings. These features allow for seamless integration between your website’s login system and Now4real, offering precise control over user access and interactions within chats.

Upgrade to the Business Plan now for enhanced features and greater control over your community engagements!

Do you store my credit card details?

No, we do not store your credit card details. In fact, we do not have access to them at any point during the payment process. Your payment information is securely managed by Braintree, our payment processing partner. Braintree, a division of PayPal, operates under stringent Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and is listed on Visa’s Global Compliant Provider and Mastercard’s SDP List.

Cardholder data is securely stored in the Braintree Vault, which employs multiple encryption keys with split knowledge and dual control mechanisms. This means that even in the event of a data breach, the information would be unusable without the encryption keys. Furthermore, this data store is not connected to the internet, ensuring an additional layer of security.

How can I estimate Viewing Time?

Traditional analytics tools provide an estimated upper bound for Viewing Time by calculating the total number of sessions multiplied by the average session duration within a month. However, this figure may not accurately represent the actual time your website was visible in users’ browsers. Traditional analytics often continue to count a session as active until a user is idle past a specified timeout, even if the user is not actively viewing the page.

Now4real measures Viewing Time more accurately by stopping the timer as soon as a page is no longer visible in the foreground. This approach ensures that the recorded Viewing Time truly reflects when your website was actively being viewed.

What happens if I reach the max Viewing Time?
  • Free Plan: If you consume 1,000 hours of Viewing Time in a month, the Now4real service on your website is automatically suspended until the next month when your account is recharged with another 1,000 hours. Our widget will discreetly disappear from your pages, ensuring no disruption to your users.

  • Premium Plan: This plan includes 3,000 hours of Viewing Time each month within the fixed fee. If you exceed this allocation, the service is only suspended if you also reach the maximum variable fee you have set in your Dashboard.

  • Business Plan: With 15,000 hours of Viewing Time included in the fixed fee, this plan supports higher traffic volumes. Additional hours are charged according to the Variable Fee structure up to the cap you configure in your Dashboard.

Why upgrade to the Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan enhances your website’s interactivity and insights, providing significant advantages over the Free Plan:

  1. Increased Viewing Time: Boost your limit from 1,000 to 3,000 hours per month, allowing for extended interaction and greater data collection on user engagement. If you exceed the included Viewing Time, additional hours are priced at only $3 per 1,000 hours. This rate is designed to be budget-friendly, allowing you to accommodate spikes in traffic without substantial cost increases.
  2. Custom logo: Customize your chat widget by adding your own logo to the header and welcome message, reinforcing your brand identity directly within the user interface.
  3. Access to chat transcripts: Review and analyze full transcripts of pagechats to uncover valuable insights and feedback from your users’ conversations.
  4. Customizable message duration: Decide how long chat messages remain visible. Unlike the Free Plan’s fixed 3-hour limit, choose a duration that suits your community’s needs.
  5. Advanced moderation tools: Automate moderation to filter out profanities and inappropriate language across multiple languages, enhancing the chat experience for all users.
  6. Role management: Assign roles such as moderator or guest to users, complete with custom badges, refining how participants interact within your chat spaces.
  7. Customizable welcome messages and attention grabbers: Tailor introductory messages and alerts to engage users the moment they join a chat, ensuring a personalized experience.
  8. Live polls: Engage your audience in real time with live polls. Seamlessly integrate interactive polling into your chats to gather opinions, conduct surveys, or simply increase user interaction and excitement. Easy to set up and fun to participate in, live polls can transform passive viewers into active participants.
  9. Comprehensive registration options: Enhance user accessibility with a variety of authentication methods. Offer direct authentication via Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing seamless integration with your existing user management systems. Additionally, users can participate in chats without any registration, ensuring immediate engagement and inclusivity.
  10. Full site coverage: Integrate chat features across all your site’s domains and subdomains (e.g.,,,, providing a unified user experience across your digital presence.
  11. Extended presence indicators: Display real-time viewership counters not only for the current page but for other key pages, such as article counts on news site homepages.
  12. Direct technical support: Gain direct access to our support team for any technical queries or issues, ensuring faster and more effective resolutions.

Upgrading to the Premium Plan provides a wealth of features that empower you to manage and engage your site’s community more effectively while gaining deeper insights into user behavior.

Upgrade now for more features and flexibility—it’s easy and quick!

What are the benefits of the Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise Plan is designed for websites experiencing very high traffic volumes and substantial monthly activity. This plan offers:

  • Custom Pricing Models: Tailor your plan with pricing that fits the scale and usage patterns of your business, ensuring cost efficiency as your needs evolve.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: Negotiate payment terms that match your budgeting and cash flow requirements, providing financial ease and predictability.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive priority support from our dedicated team, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed and resolved.
  • Scalable Solutions: Access advanced features that scale with your growth, from increased Viewing Time to enhanced data analytics and more.

If you’re ready to take your website engagement to the next level, please contact our sales team to discuss how the Enterprise Plan can be tailored to your specific needs.

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