Turn your website into an instant social network

Now4real is a user-friendly solution that can quickly bring any website to life. It offers real-time pagechats, visitor presence counters, live page rankings, and captivating world maps to enhance engagement and foster meaningful connections on your website.

Here’s what you get out of the box

Explore the built-in features ready to enhance your site from the moment you integrate.


Live group chats

Elevate your website experience with live group chats, enabling visitors to interact with each other in real time.

  • Unlimited users and chat rooms
  • One room per page, per section or per site
  • Ephemeral messages with custom duration
  • Typing indicators and message replies
  • Emojis and animated GIFs
  • Live polls
  • White label option

Flexible sign-on options

Customizable authentication to enhance user engagement.

  • Social and email sign-up: Allow users to easily register through their favorite social networks or via email to start chatting.
  • Nickname access: Enable users to join conversations immediately by selecting a nickname, no registration required.
  • Single sign-on (SSO): Integrate with your site’s authentication system to streamline user access through SSO.
  • Controlled visibility: Set detailed authorizations to manage who can view chats and access real-time counters.

Roles and moderation

Enhance your community management by assigning specific roles to users and ensuring a respectful chat environment.

  • Moderators: Grant them the ability to delete messages, mute users, manage chats, and more.
  • Guests: Allow extended message lengths, the ability to bypass moderation checks, publish polls, and more.
  • Custom badges: Customize roles with unique badges, choosing from custom colors and text.
  • Profanity filter: Employ an automatic filter to block offensive language across multiple languages and add custom word lists for enhanced control.

Page presence

Detect the number of visitors on a page in real time and display presence counters to users.

  • Accurate real-time counters of current visitors.
  • Counts only visitors with the page actively visible.
  • True real-time updates with subsecond latency.
  • Monitors both page and site presence.
  • Provides page presence counters for all page URLs.
  • Allows custom page contexts for grouped pages.
  • Scales to accommodate massive numbers of visitors.

    Page rankings

    Display a top-ten ranking of pages with the most viewers and active chatters.

    • Indicates where people are on your site.
    • Provides real-time lists of the most popular pages.
    • Rankings are sorted by the number of viewers or chatters.
    • Instant updates to rankings as visitor interactions change.
    • Highlights the most active instant communities.

    Page maps

    Display a dynamic world map to your visitors, highlighting the countries from which other visitors are connecting.

    • Shows where other visitors are located globally.
    • Available for individual pages and the entire site.
    • Features real-time heatmaps.
    • Geolocation is anonymous and limited to country level.

    Choose between a widget and an API

    A pixel-perfect widget that looks great on your site and requires no coding.
    A beautiful API that developers love.


    Now4real widget

    Effortlessly integrate Now4real’s plug-and-play widget into your site with no coding required. Simply add it to your pages using our provided script or WordPress plugin for instant functionality.

    • Ready to use with no coding
    • Super friendly
    • Choose colors and position
    • Customize welcome messages
    • Display as overlay or embedded
    • Use your logo
    • Multilanguage (languages)
    • Responsive design
    • Non-invasive and small footprint

    Now4real API

    Empower developers with our modern, developer-friendly JavaScript API. Provided SDKs enable the creation of custom widgets and user interfaces, offering complete control over the design and management of live chats and real-time counters.

    • Build your own front end
    • Modern JavaScript API
    • Real-time and asynchronous
    • Access all live analytics and chats
    • Well documented
    • Developer-friendly
    • Reliable and fast

    Fast, robust, and secure

    Powerful SaaS backend

    • Fully managed and cloud-based for ease of use and peace of mind.
    • Massively scalable with an elastic architecture that dynamically adapts to your site’s traffic.

    True real-time performance

    • Provides genuine, real-time data with guaranteed accuracy.
    • Features low-latency, bidirectional, full-duplex connections for seamless communication.

    Trusted and secure

    • Utilizes a real-time engine trusted by leading financial institutions, space agencies, and airlines.
    • Ensures operation under various network conditions, through any firewall or proxy.
    • Fully encrypted connections to safeguard data.

    Privacy-first approach

    • Strict adherence to GDPR compliance.
    • Transparent and detailed privacy policy.
    • No tracking of user activities whatsoever.

    Everything is under control

    Innovative real-time analytics and a powerful administration dashboard for your site.


    Real-time analytics

    Harness the power of Now4real’s real-time analytics to understand and enhance visitor engagement. By tracking viewer and chatter metrics across individual pages and globally, you gain invaluable insights that can drive strategic decisions and improve user experience.

    • Instant visibility: Provides true real-time analytics for every site, including instant counters of concurrent viewers and chatters.
    • Geographical mapping: Displays a real-time map indicating the countries of viewers.
    • Page popularity: Lists top pages sorted by the current number of viewers and chatters.
    • Comprehensive overview: Offers global analytics that showcase the entire Now4real ecosystem for broad insights.

    Admin dashboard

    From chat transcripts to site management, everything you need to manage Now4real is at your fingertips, ensuring that you can make informed decisions and maintain optimal site performance.

    • Comprehensive reporting: Access chat transcripts, historical, and real-time analytics.
    • Organizational tools: Manage site hierarchies and configure site features efficiently.
    • Customizable alerts: Set up and receive email reports directly.
    • Financial oversight: Oversee your spending and control your subscription plan.

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