Benefits for site owners

Engage, retain, and grow

With Now4real, your website will engage its visitors by creating instant communities: groups of people who happen to be viewing the same page simultaneously. Visitors will stay longer on your site and come back more often, even without adding fresh content.

Offer a social experience to your visitors directly on your site and become an instant social media rather than driving traffic to external social media sites and apps.

Increase user engagement

Visitors will stay longer on your website when chatting, with several benefits for you:

  • They are absorbing content and actively learning more about your business and offerings.
  • As they stick around, you increase the probability of conversions, such as signing up for a newsletter, filling out a form, or making a purchase.

Boost user loyalty and return visits

Even if you don’t add fresh content to your pages, you’ll notice more return visits, because people expect to find a new instant community every time. Imagine a user who already read and enjoyed an article or learned about a product. With Now4real, she will come back over and over again to that same page, for the thrill of interacting with new people on that topic every time.

Rotate ads and optimize programmatic

You can leverage the increased time visitors spend on your website pages to rotate more banner ads for every user, rather than limiting to one set of banners per page visit as it happens traditionally. This will boost the click-through rate and viewability.

Since you know how many people are actually viewing any page at any moment, you can optimize your programmatic advertising and experiment with new techniques.

    Get to know your users

    As the site owner, you have complete access to the transcripts of the chats that happen on your website. This is invaluable. You get continuous feedback on your site content, on your products, and on your offerings. When they chat with each other rather than directly with you, people tend to be sincere and genuine. You will discover more from their chats than from any polls, surveys, or customer support interactions. And you can improve your content and increase business.

    Furthermore, you will get to know your users. If they chat, they will have a name, a face, and a history, rather than being just an anonymous entry in your site analytics.

      Let your users support each other

      Before buying a product or a service, people love to ask questions and to get recommendations and suggestions. Traditionally, they only had a couple of options:

      • To rely on other users’ comments displayed at the end of the page. But comments are not interactive and get old quickly.
      • To get help from customer service via live chat. But customers might not trust company reps when it comes to opinions.

      With Now4real, people can support each other by answering questions and providing genuine feedback and help in real time.

      Of course, this does not preclude company reps from participating in Now4real chats. And it does not prevent existing customer service live chats from sitting side-to-side with Now4real.

      Become an instant social network…

      …rather than driving traffic to external social media sites and apps.

      With Now4real, you can build a community directly on your site. Why should you route traffic to external social networking services to provide a social experience to your users? Users are yours. Keep them.

        Get innovative analytics

        Now4real collects a few innovative metrics that you don’t find in traditional analytics, like the cumulative viewing time and the history of concurrent viewers and chatters. Now4real counts visits only for the time a page is actually displayed in the foreground and is much probably in front of the visitor’s very eyes.

        Now4real gives you a beautiful dashboard where you can watch and analyze both real-time and historical analytics — and you get a new perspective on your business.

        Organize live events on your site

        With Now4real, it’s easy to organize live events directly on the pages of your website. You can set up an ask-me-anything sort of event, where visitors ask questions and a guest from your organization answers them. The experience is based on text chat, so it’s simple, flexible, and doesn’t require audio, headsets, and bandwidth.

        You will simply tell your community something like: Meet us on Friday at 5 pm on this page. You can host the online meet-up on any URL of your website or blog.

        Be part of a new web revolution

        In its 30+ years of existence, the Web has undergone evolution and revolutions, mostly aimed at improving its social, collaborative, and interactive aspects. Now4real is a new piece of the story: web pages become virtual places where to meet people in real time, besides being sources of information.

        In addition, Now4real can help make the Web a more open and transparent ecosystem, where public analytics act as a real-time thermometer of what is actually happening online at every moment.

        Add Now4real to your site now

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        Enable your visitors to chat with each other. Let them find out the most popular pages.
        Spark up instant communities on your website!

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