Benefits for visitors

Web browsing becomes a social experience

When visiting a website, people may be at home, in the office, on a train, or anywhere in the physical world. But they are also on a web page, a virtual place where they can meet other people in real time.

Connect with people who share the same interests

While simply browsing the web, people can find out if there are other visitors to that page at that moment, and they can chat with them in real time. They are all on the same page, so they probably share an interest in the topic of that page, making chats intriguing and engaging.

Pagechats are ephemeral, meaning that each message lasts only 3 hours (configurable) then it vanishes. This has several benefits:

  • Keeping context and reducing noise and spam
  • Focusing the attention of new visitors on the current discussion rather than on past messages and keeping everybody in sync
  • Spawning up fresh instant communities continuously

Connecting with people in real time on the topic of a web page is fun, quick, and simple.

Ask questions to their peers

Without Now4real, a site’s visitors may only interact in real time with customer service reps via live chat, if available. But in many cases, a live chat simply doesn’t exist (think about news sites). And if it exists, users prefer to ask questions, suggestions, and opinions to their peers, rather than to company reps.

Find out popular pages in real time

Not only can visitors chat with each other on the page they are viewing, but they can also see in real time where other people are on that site.

They see a list of the most popular pages of that site, sorted by the number of people viewing them or chatting on them. These real-time rankings help visitors discover the most interesting content as well as the pages where most chatters are gathering. Visitors can jump to a popular page with a tap and immediately get part of another instant community.

    Discover others’ countries

    Visitors can even see a world map showing where people are located in the physical world. It’s a heatmap where the colors represent the number of people from every country, and it’s updated in true real time.

    Being able to see the countries is intriguing and helps chatters know a bit about each other, but privacy and security are never given up. Geolocation always stops at the country level. And countries are only shown on the heatmap, without linking them to individual chatters.

    Real-time maps are available both for individual pages and the whole website.

    Browse the Web in the company of others

    Web browsing has traditionally been an individual experience, while any social experience has been delegated to external social media. With Now4real, browsing the Web is like going around in the real world! Wherever you are, you see if there’s anyone around you (presence counters), and you have a chance to interact with them (pagechats).

    People can get part of instant communities by simply browsing the Web with their mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.

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