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We enable instant communities by connecting the people who are on the same web page at the same moment.


About Now4real

Now4real is a tech company with an ambitious vision. We want to kickstart a new era of online socialization and make the Web a more transparent place. Web browsing has traditionally been an individual experience, while any social experience has been delegated to external social networks. But when you are reading a web page, there are probably others like you, somewhere in the world, who are viewing that same page at the same time. Now4real makes it possible to connect you with those people in real time. Check out The Instant Community Manifesto.

Now4real is a SaaS product that is extremely easy to use, reliable, secure, as well as very respectful of users’ privacy. We take care of all the complexity of delivering real-time data to and from the browsers, and we provide an elegant, ready-made chat widget and a flexible and beautiful developer API.

People at Now4real have decades of experience with real-time messaging. With a proven track record in mission-critical applications, we decided to found a new venture to transform the Web and make it a place where people can meet in real time.

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Founding Team

Alessandro Alinone

Alessandro Alinone

Founder and CEO

Alessandro founded Now4real with the goal of enabling people to meet online while simply browsing the web. An entrepreneur and an executive, he has 25 years experience in real-time messaging and data streaming. He created Lightstreamer, a leading real-time event broker, used by hundreds of businesses in six continents, serving millions of end-users. Lightstreamer powers mission-critical applications in the financial services, aerospace, defense, media, and gaming verticals. Alessandro graduated in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and in General Management at SDA Bocconi. He started his career as a researcher and teacher at Cefriel. He worked for Par-Tec, where he designed several innovative trading platforms for different financial institutions. He is currently the CEO of both Lightstreamer and Now4real.

Patrizia Steca

Patrizia Steca


Patrizia is a Full Professor of Psychology at the University of Milano-Bicocca, where she teaches courses in motivation and decision making. She graduated in Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome and got her PhD at the University of Padua. She was Fulbright research visiting scholar at Stanford University and spent several periods abroad as a research visiting scholar at other prestigious universities, including the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Freie University Berlin, and Stockholm University. Patrizia is author of more than 100 scientific papers published in high-impact journals where she investigated psychological mechanisms underlying people’s behavior and choices. She is particularly interested in exploring individual subjective experience in both real and virtual environments looking for key engaging aspects and features.

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